Ep17 Your Vibrational Spiral – The Stream of David

This is perhaps the most important teaching from The Stream.  You can manifest millions and have everything you believe you desire and still find yourself in a downward spiral, sinking into depression and projecting negative thoughts that end up attracting unwanted manifestations.

Understanding polarity and the natural drawing of emotions up and down this virtual spiral will give you increased power to manage your energy, thus gaining greater control of your vibration.     This natural movement of energy once served you well by assisting you in the creation of unwanted manifestations so you could overcome them and expand your vibration and contribute to the expansion of the universe.  With the increased velocity of modern life, many are finding it more difficult to balance their emotions, or vibration, between positive and negative, and feel as if their reality is tilted toward negative, and as if they have no control over this imbalance.  Many turn to medication to numb this but then find it difficult to move up their spiral into positive.