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Trusting Your Abundance with Stacie Clenet

David is joined by Tya Bootcamp Grad & Tya Master Stacie Clenet. They discuss using the Tya mindset tools to thrive in our changing reality. Learn how to manage your vibration and thus create your own bubble of reality, where you can thrive under any circumstance!...

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A Money Conversation with Vanessa Stoykov

This week, David’s guest is Vanessa Stoykov. Vanessa is a money mindset expert Who teaches people how to connect with their own money stories and offers tools and techniques to help them change their financial situation over time. She uses storytelling as an original...

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Global Reset with Gary Temple Bodley

David is joined by fellow channel Gary Temple Bodley for a deep dive into the current global reset. Listen to two channels and spiritual thought leaders discuss what's occurring across humanity and where we will go from here. Learn leading-edge law of attraction and...

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David’s Identity Theft with Matt Gardan

David is joined by Matt Gardan and they discuss the current global reset as well as David's recent identity theft. Gain high-level insight on how we manifest unwanted things and learn how David used the Tya Practice tools to solve the issue and how you can solve any...

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Curating Your Vibration with Liza Jane Wolf

David is joined by Liza Jane Wolf, channel of the MVP  Liza channels the energy of Source consciousness that she lovingly refers to as The MVP (MultiVerse Posse). Liza blends her personal consciousness with that of Source and becomes a translator of the high vibration...

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A Quantum Conversation with Lauren Galey 

David is joined by Lauren Galey, Founder of and host of Quantum Conversations. David and Lauren will discuss mindfulness and attracting optimal health during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Lauren will interview The Stream, the non-physical stream of...

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Deep Soul Healing with Stacie Overman

Stacie Overman is an Angelic Spiritual Channel, author, speaker, personal coach and leading edge spiritual thought leader, guiding lightworkers to overcome obstacles through many avenues of deep soul healing methods. She helps the spiritually awakened future leaders...

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The Power of Gratitude with special guest Debbie G! 

Meet Debbie G, founder of the popular Facebook group Spirituality Gone Wild and self-described Love Coach! We discuss the power of gratitude, Debbie’s Tya Bootcamp experience and her daily Tya practice, and mastering the art of Manifesting intentionally with the...

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