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A Quantum Conversation with Lauren Galey 

David is joined by Lauren Galey, Founder of and host of Quantum Conversations. David and Lauren will discuss mindfulness and attracting optimal health during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Lauren will interview The Stream, the non-physical stream of...

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Deep Soul Healing with Stacie Overman

Stacie Overman is an Angelic Spiritual Channel, author, speaker, personal coach and leading edge spiritual thought leader, guiding lightworkers to overcome obstacles through many avenues of deep soul healing methods. She helps the spiritually awakened future leaders...

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The Power of Gratitude with special guest Debbie G! 

Meet Debbie G, founder of the popular Facebook group Spirituality Gone Wild and self-described Love Coach! We discuss the power of gratitude, Debbie’s Tya Bootcamp experience and her daily Tya practice, and mastering the art of Manifesting intentionally with the...

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The Stream LIVE VII with guest Matt Gardan 

Listen to our latest Stream live from our private Facebook groups. The Stream shares their wisdom on topics such as old souls, twin flames, beings on other planets, ego balancing, quantum time and time travel, ghosts and other ethereal beings and more! This is one not...

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Ego hacks: Releasing the need to be right with Dan Mangena 

Special guest, international speaker and author Dan Mangena joins David as they take a deep dive into the magic of balancing ego and “Soul” consciousness for a more satisfying life experience. Listen as they discuss living life from the higher perspective––a perspective available to all––and applying mindfulness and law of attraction principles to everyday life. 

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Law of Attraction tools: Faster EFT with guest Mark Shihadeh

Mark joins David in an in-depth discussion about the benefits of Faster EFT (aka Tapping) and its impact on manifesting intentionally. The Stream has stated that our human-created tools hold the power that we give to them and that EFT moves energy much like acupuncture. You can use Faster EFT in your Tya practice! 

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