The Stream’s Tya Spiritual Practice

  • Break through your abundance blocks once and for all by identifying and de-tuning limiting, engrained beliefs. 
  • Heal chronic pain and illness and achieve the healthiest body of your life.
  • Release the unwanted people, circumstances and events that haunt you from the past.
  • Fully understand the impact of polarity and learn to manage your vibration and move up to a better feeling state on-demand.
  • Learn to allow your natural Source connection–Your Stream–to flow with ease for a greater intuition. 
  • Establish the very valuable habit of living with intention, all day, every day.
  • Gain the clarity of Source and allow it to inform your life decisions with confidence.
  • Allow your desires to flow in joy by Trusting Your Abundance!

Tya has changed lives all over the world!

A few words from our Tya Bootcamp Graduates:

I now have the tools to manifest all my desires! 

– Stacie C. Santa Barbara, CA

I now realize what I’m capable of! 

– Carrie B. Sussex, UK

I released a lifetime of daily fear, I’m now fearless for the first time! 

– Ondine C. UK

My Doctors said my healing was miraculous! 

– Tammy C. Tampa, FL 

My health improved to the best it’s ever been, the people who bullied me at work all left and I am now set for my retirement financially–all because of Tya Bootcamp! 

– Maritza R. Melbourne, AU

I’ve reached a place of higher enlightenment!

– Denise A. SoCal, USA


Watch the short video with comments from some of our Tya Bootcamp graduates. If you’re interested in learning more about how these people changed their lives, take our free masterclass! Click below. 

When you're ready to make big changes in your life, join our Tya Bootcamp.

Ignite the Tya practice by joining our twelve-week intensive bootcamp program. 

  • Work directly with the Stream to identify your abundance blocks and use our proven method of de-tuning the things that feed your unwanted, limiting beliefs. 
  • Change life-long habits of thought that hold your dreams away. 
  • Permanently release fear. 
  • Learn to raise your vibration to the highest level, where you are one with Source. 
  • Develop the tools to control your emotions, thus controlling your vibration. 
  •  Make these things lifetime habit during bootcamp.  
  • Make new friends and continue your practice post-bootcamp in our basecamp community. 

“Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your life!”

– David Strickel, Tya co-creator