The Tya Practice

A life of Joy, Clarity & Abundance

Tya stands for Trust Your Abundance.

The Tya Practice™ is a mindset practice that David co-created with The Stream’s guidance; it is the practical application of the Stream’s teachings. Rooted in universal law, The Tya Practice is an upgraded operating system for your life––one that anyone can learn. Imagine releasing fear and judgment, and learning to see the world from the powerful, fearless, and non-judgmental perspective of Source!  

People all over the world have dramatically improved their lives with The Tya Practice. 

The four pillars of The Tya Practice are Appreciation, Intention, Polarity, and Source. It is a spiritual mindest practice––not a religion; there are no rules, judgment, or worship, it’s all about releasing fear, raising your default vibration, and connecting with Source for a life of joy, clarity, and abundance. 

The Tya Practice functions outside the human-created matrix that relies heavily on fear and judgment. It is bold and empowering, and far more logical than anything you have likely encountered in your life. 

David and the Stream teach Tya every day in various venues. Our Tya Bootcamp will provide the tools, coaching, time, and accountability to make this practice your new path in life. It has been proven effective by our numerous life transformation testimonials

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Once mastered, The Tya Practice will provide you with a whole new perspective on life. No longer will the actions of others trigger you. No longer will you need to be right or argue pointlessly. You will learn to allow all of humanity to live their contrast, understanding that there is no right or wrong, and that no single belief or path works for everyone.

You will come to value all of humanity, even those with whom you once disagreed. You will have the tools to manage and raise your vibration on-demand, and keep your default vibration in a positive state—naturally. You will learn to tune in to the vibration of that which you desire and eliminate the “static” that slows, and even halts, your manifestations.

You will learn to love yourself fully, and you will have far more to offer others in this high-vibrational state. In this state you are at one with Source, your intuition is flowing and things are constantly naturally working out for you. You will also come to embrace your obstacles and understand how they serve you.


David Strickel, The Tya Practice Creator on How The Tya Practice came to be

I’ve shared, on many occasions, that The Stream’s wisdom has been flowing to me my entire life, although not at the depth or clarity which it does today.

I first understood how the universe worked in my teens. I used this knowledge for many years to focus on manifesting money and material possessions, which, from my “poor kid” perspective, was the true key to happiness.

By my forties, I had “made it”. I lived in a beautiful home filled with beautiful things, expensive cars in the garage, tailored suits, and fine Italian shoes filled my closet. But I was miserable: working a job I didn’t enjoy, with people that I didn’t gel with. I was in a loveless marriage, nearly 100 pounds overweight and addicted to opiates, and suffering from unrelenting back and joint pain.

I hated myself and my life, but my inner voice, the voice I now call The Stream, kept drawing me forward. This “knowing” had carried me through a difficult childhood, but only once I fully let go and listened to everything they had to offer, did I have what is often described as a kundalini awakening.

After my awakening, I was able to fully tune in and hear what was being offered. Information on how all creation occurs, clarity on why positive and negative experiences exist, and how negative occurrences serve our expansion. I came to a clear understanding of how and why my life was in the place it was and the beautiful perfection of it all.

From that place of clarity, I developed the tools to change the unwanted aspects of my life—all of them!

I knew that receiving anything I desired was simply a matter of tuning in to the same vibration as it, however, I wasn’t yet adept at removing the blocks that took my focus away from being consistently tuned to my desired vibration. 

This is the main reason that we do not manifest the things we desire most— because we all have abundance blocks from previous experiences that disrupt our vibrational energy.

The main realization that I had was the need to forgive my transgressors—all of them—to the point of full appreciation. Releasing the things from the past that trigger us into negative vibration helps keep our vibration high and in positive creation mode.

I was aware that to allow my Source connection to flow generously to me at all times I needed to pay close attention to my vibration so that it stayed consistently high and was tuned into the frequency of my desires.

I also realized that I needed to let go of the idea of perfection— as it does not exist in our polarized physical environment. Once I understood that our obstacles serve a purpose, my life changed forever.

I developed this “operating system” for running my life, not a religion with rules and judgment or worship, but a spiritual practice that raised my default vibration and aligned me more and more with the things I desired. This was a massive upgrade from my original “operating system” that I had created by default––a result of societal programming and how I’d reacted to various experiences throughout my life. 

Over a ten-year period, I implemented this new practice into my life and the transformation was stunning. I learned to love myself how I was, and consequently, my confidence exploded. I came to fully believe that I could be, do or have anything I desired. I aligned myself with fitness and health and watched my body, which had been overweight and pain-ridden since my mid-twenties, transform to a healthy, lean, muscular state.

My marriage ended and I began dating people who were more aligned with my new vibration, one of full appreciation towards me. This was also true of my friendships. Old friends who couldn’t handle the new, more confident version of me exited my life and more confident, happy, and successful people appeared.

My daily life transitioned to one of almost constant joy and clarity and suddenly things I used to avoid, such as news headlines, didn’t bring down my vibrational energy like they once did. I fell in love with myself completely, and because that’s the way Source feels about me, I was aligned with Source. After all, the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like.

The “final frontier” of all this transformation was my corporate job.

I had experienced such amazing changes in my life that everybody around me wanted to know how I had achieved it. I found that I loved sharing this information and all of The Stream teachings— at least to those who were ready to hear it.

The sharing became so powerful and brought me such joy that I decided to start The Stream of David podcast and write my first book, “The Stream – Eternal Wisdom for a Better Life”.

In early 2018 I decided to “jump from the airplane” and leave my job to devote all my time to sharing these teachings and expanding the practice that I had developed. My aim was to help anyone looking for permanent and sustainable changes in their lives.

Boy, did the Universe ever deliver on my solid intention! 

I was serendipitously introduced to someone who taught spiritual teachers to develop online courses and consequently The Tya Practice and Tya Bootcamp were born.

I decided to call this spiritual practice Tya, for Trust Your Abundance and named my course Tya Bootcamp. I chose Tya Bootcamp because people will learn the basics of The Tya Practice and implement them into their everyday life so they can begin transforming their lives within a matter of weeks, if not days! 

If you have found yourself here, it is not by accident. Perhaps you too are looking for a new and more fulfilling life? If so, set aside 90 minutes of your busy life and focus 100% of your attention on our FREE life-changing Masterclass, Four Secrets to an Abundant Life.

You will learn in-depth information regarding this amazing practice and hear from others who have upgraded their lives as a result of practicing Tya. At the end of the class, you will be invited to book a free discovery meeting with David via Zoom, it is your chance to learn more about––and enroll in––Tya Bootcamp! 


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Ready to change your life forever? Improve any area of your life by taking The Stream’s Tya Bootcamp, these are just a few of the benefits:

  • Learn to work with infinite intelligence to create the
 abundance you desire.
  • Create a pattern of thought that delivers your dreams.
  • Learn to forgive all your transgressors and heal the past.
  • Permanently release fear & judgment––seriously! 
  • Learn the life-changing technique that allows you to 
manifest your dreams with ease.
  • Develop the tools to control your emotions, thus controlling
 your vibration, which is your point of attraction.
  • Seal these practices as lifetime habits during bootcamp.

If you’re ready to have one or more of these things in your life, take the FREE 90-minute masterclass Four Secrets to Awakening to Abundance and begin your journey––it will upgrade your life! 


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12 Week Format

Your time will seal in life-changing new habits and you’ll make new, like-minded friends.


Receive personalized divine guidance directly from Source via the Stream. Navigate your journey with our expert coaches.


Work at your pace, in your time zone. TYA Bootcamp is designed for you to do while you are living your life!

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