The Stream's Tya Bootcamp

  • Learn to work with infinite intelligence to create the abundance you desire. 

  • Create a pattern of thought that delivers your dreams.

  • Learn to forgive all your transgressors and heal the past.  

  • Permanently release fear. 

  • Learn the life-changing technique that allows you to manifest your dreams with ease.  

  • Develop the tools to control your emotions, thus controlling your vibration, which is your point of attraction.  

  •  Seal these things as lifetime habits during bootcamp.  

What People Are Saying…

I went from earning $18k per year to $200K the next year. I also manifested full custody of my daughter, avoiding a huge legal battle that I once thought was inevitable. Tya bootcamp is huge!” 

Qat Wanders, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA


“I entered Bootcamp in the midst of all kinds of quagmire in my life: a shrinking clientele in my Acupuncture practice, machinery breaking around me/financial STRESS, subpar health/knee pain, and zero creativity going into my passion project, a girlpower roller skate webcomic.

Upon graduating from the course and firmly utilizing the TYA practice on a daily level, I now have a thriving Acupuncture practice, top level health with no constriction in my knee (and improving still!), zero financial stress, and an opportunity to travel to Europe to pitch my idea to an animation studio literally dropped into my lap and I am now about to sell my IP to an animation studio for development into a cartoon!

A whole new career/lifestyle is opening up to me! I feel empowered, strong, clear, happy, and in control of all that I create. I now understand how to get out of my own way so that I can manifest anything!”


Kimberly Gitzel, Hilo, Hawaii, USA

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“Tya Bootcamp gave me the tools to take full control and I’m excited again about the trajectory of my life. If you’re hesitating about joining, just do it, you won’t regret it!”

Hollie Sparkles, Sydney Australia 




“I went from crippling, constant fear to being completely free from fear. I also manifested two large sums of money while in Bootcamp.  Tya Bootcamp has transformed my life, I am a completely different person.”


Ondine Carrington, UK 


“I manifested two job promotions with increased income while in bootcamp. I also gained so much clarity on my life purpose and relationships with others. It’s truly an amazing practice that changed my life.”


Nam “Luq” Azatrum, Ohio , USA



“I was in danger of losing my business when I joined Tya Bootcamp. The situation seemed impossible to overcome. Tya Bootcamp gave me the tools to turn things around and now my business is more profitable than ever. Tya Bootcamp saved my business.” 

Christina Kairis, Orlando, Florida, USA


Tya Bootcamp and the Tya Spiritual Practice gave me the tools and the confidence to manifest the life of my dreams! I was in a relationship that was on pause when I entered bootcamp and was able to move forward in a very confident, healthy way after bootcamp, now we’re engaged!” 

Stacie Clanet, Santa Barbara, CA, USA 


“I entered Tya Bootcamp with a massive cancerous tumor, there were times that I didn’t want to go on. After joining Tya Bootcamp I experienced miraculous healing that my team of doctors cannot explain. I am cancer free and feel worthy of life and full abundance now, for the first time ever!” 

Tammy Cheney, Tampa Florida, USA 

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“Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your life!”

– David Strickel, Tya co-creator