The Stream’s Tya Academy

  • Raise your default vibration, thus improving your point of attraction.
  • Release the unwanted people, circumstances and events that haunt you from the past.
  • Fully understand the impact of polarity and learn to manage your vibration and move up to a better feeling state on-demand.
  • Learn to allow your natural Source connection–Your Stream–to flow with ease. 
  • Establish the very valuable habit of living with intention, all day, every day.
  • Gain the clarity of Source and allow it to inform your life decisions with confidence.
  • Allow more of your desires to flow in joy.

Tya™ stands for Trusting Your Abundance, a proven process developed by David & The Stream with four key areas of focus that raise your default vibration, thus increasing your flow of abundance. In the process you forgive and release your transgressors–all of them–any person, circumstance or event that haunts you and drags your vibration down. You also master the very valuable tool of controlling your virtual vibrational spiral, literally learning to control your emotion under almost any circumstance. You also learn to establish a stronger connection with Source–your own personal Stream–and you learn to live intentionally, establishing the life-changing habit of setting positive intentions for every segment of your life.

All this is done in an eight online “bootcamp” environment with group interaction, one-to-one coaching from David and the Stream and all the tools and support you need for success. You can successfully complete bootcamp while you continue your regular life, in fact, that’s a big part of its success. You literally change the way you view yourself, your creative powers and your world in just a few weeks, arising with more confidence and a clear understating of how our universe operates and how you can live a better life regardless of where you’re coming from.

Our bootcamp grads have a 100% success rate, effectively learning the Tya tools and join a private alumni group with lifetime membership and ongoing access to the training segments and group coaching with David. Tya is a positive mindset practice that you will use for the rest of your life. The key to releasing your abundance blocks and living a joyous life is learning to trust the your abundance–the abundance that you came to this life to fully experience.

If you’re ready for a major life change and you’re ready to do the work, click the link below to book your discovery meeting with David and learn more about this exciting practice.