TSOD Ep. 249 Transform Your Life: The Power of Risks and Rewards with Yolanda Williams

In this episode of The Stream of David Podcast, David Strickel dives deep with Yolanda Williams, host of the Reiki Radio Podcast. They explore the transformative power of stepping out of comfort zones, the journey into Reiki and energy healing, and the evolving landscape of spirituality and technology.

David shares his experiences of taking big risks for big rewards and emphasizes the importance of challenging personal beliefs to achieve growth. Yolanda discusses her path from finance to Reiki, highlighting the profound impacts of energy work on mental and physical well-being. Together, they touch on the dynamic world of social media, the human potential for telepathy, and the future of AI in reshaping our lives.

Join David and Yolanda for an engaging and insightful conversation that blends practical spirituality with real-life experiences, offering listeners actionable wisdom and inspiration.

You can reach Yolanda at: http://theenergeticalchemist.com IG: http://instagram.com/reikiradio

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