Ep 90 Trusting Your Abundance with Matt Gardan

What is TYA?

TYA stands for Trusting Your Abundance. It’s a spiritual practice that David

co-created with The Stream’s guidance. TYA is a very simple and profound

way for people to live their lives. A way for all of us to reclaim our power;

our birthright of living a fearless, abundant life.

The four pillars of TYA are Forgiveness, Intention, Polarity and Source.

There are no rules, no judgment and no worship, it’s all about releasing

fear, raising your default vibration and connecting with Source for a life of

joy, clarity and abundance.


David is joined by Matt Gardan, a TYA Bootcamp grad and TYA Mastery member and they discuss the TYA practice and how it has enhanced their lives. Learn tools and techniques to improve your life and truly harness the law of attraction.



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