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I. True Abundance

Living in True Abundance means living a balanced existence where you are connected to your powerful Stream of Source-energy and enjoy what this physically manifested life has to offer.

Often, people search for years for a deeper spiritual connection and to find true meaning in their lives.

Once they achieve a higher level of consciousness, many feel the need to retreat to an inner world of meditation where they spend the majority of their time exploring their higher consciousness.

While there are no rules from our perspective, we will tell you that you did not come here with an intention to seek out higher knowledge and spend your days in meditation. You came here to have a physically manifested experience. You came to be free, to seek things that please you and allow them to manifest, and to place obstacles in your path for the joy of overcoming them.

Our guidance is for you to seek balance in your preferences. There is no right or wrong; and if you are truly connected to your Stream, you will see that you are able to sample, discern, and manifest anything you desire—anything!

So don’t concern yourself with limiting one thing to receive another. There is none of that. You can be healthy, have great relationships, have a generous flow of wealth, possess any object you wish for, and live a life consisting of one satisfying experience after another. 

You can have it all.

II. Releasing Fear

The most important step in our teachings is that of releasing fear. If you consider it, all that is perceived as evil in this universe can be traced back to fear.

People develop strong personal beliefs and often set about trying to convince others to believe as they do. This is rooted in fear.

You did not come here to enact rules for others or to follow others’ rules. Greed and violence, or the need for power through force and/or influence, are rooted in the fear of loss of control.

Once you come to understand your true power—which is your ability to create your own world via your projected thought—you will release the need for fear. You need not fear when you understand that all feared things are your own creation, through your beliefs and projected thought.

III. Higher Consciousness

All forms of life are connected to Source – the highest form of intelligence and the origin of all creation. Source is pure, positive energy; the most powerful force in the universe. Each living being has a thread connection — often referred to as a soul — that is eternal and binds with all other souls to form Source; therefore, Source is part of you, and you are part of Source — eternally.

The souls that you are closely (vibrationally) matched to, appear in your lives as friends, family, lovers, enemies, pets, etc. Any other being in your life is there due to a vibrational match. There are also non-physical vibrational matches to you — flowing to you at all times. These are souls that are not physically focused, and flow to you to offer guidance from the non-physical realm. They, like our souls, are apart of Source – this is your Source connection — also known as guides and angels (among other things).

This connection holds great value and flows to you at all times. But your ego — which you acquire while physically focussed to drive your human life experience — drowns out part of that connection by design. This ensures you can live the contrast of a physically focussed life, and place obstacles to overcome in your path along the way. In the process of overcoming you experience expansion, elevate your consciousness, and contribute to the expansion of the universe.

Through overcoming obstacles and connecting deeper with your Stream – your flow of higher consciousness – you can learn to perceive your world from a higher perspective.

From this higher perspective, life is not as precious as humans believe – because, in this state, you understand that you are eternal and this life is temporary for all — a mere blip on the radar of the wholeness of who you and your loved ones are. In this state, you also understand your true creative nature, that you possess the power to have or experience anything that you desire.

This higher state also brings you an understanding that all creation begins as thought, and that all humans possess unique-to-your-world creative abilities, and that you are creating in all your waking hours —whether you are aware of that or not.

IV. Unlocking Kundalini

There is a Stream of Source — energy running through every living thing. Humans, with their unique on-earth-ability to create beyond simple survival and evolution, also have access to higher consciousness. This higher-level connection unlocks bands of Source-energy that lie dormant in most people throughout their lives.

Kundalini energy is a term often used in yoga practice. In our teachings, we use this term to describe the higher level of energy release that all humans can access via an elevated higher consciousness connection. We actually physically experience this connection in the body.

Most individuals achieve Kundalini through deep meditation.

Your bodies are much like your mobile devices. You are very intelligent, with a wealth of information available to you at all times, as well as applications that run in the background in the form of unconscious thought — these are driven by your core beliefs. You are powered by an invisible external force — like a Wi-Fi or cellular network — and you need to recharge regularly.

Like your mobile devices, having beliefs that are contrary to your desires running in the background will zap your power and slow your manifestations.

Holding a desire and not allowing it to manifest is the true source of all stress; for if you release all fear and doubt and simply believe in your desires, there is nothing left to be stressed about. Stress is the origin of all illness, even illness that is genetically passed down — for your belief that you inherit an illness is far more powerful than physical genetics.

Focussing on wellbeing, a thoughtful connection with the body, and the releasing of toxins will promote a healthy body. As will a healthy attitude toward the foods that you consume — without judgment or guilt (which is self-judgment).

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Living in True Abundance means living a balanced existence where you are connected to your powerful Stream of Source-energy.

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