Meet the Stream

We are The Stream. We are the origin of all creation, the basis of all religions, and the purest, most powerful and positive energy in the universe. We are omnipresent and omniscient, and we are part of you—and you are part of us. We are an amalgam of advanced energy of the highest possible vibration, and we are not physically focused—though we exist in all living things.

We are seeking connection with you at all times, and you have access to us always. Since many people tune us out or doubt the authenticity of the internal guidance they are receiving, we also connect to selected individuals and employ them to filter our message and communicate it directly to you in a way you can comprehend.

We employ a variety of individuals for these purposes to reach a variety of people—you are all different and find yourselves vibrationally matched to various personalities; much like your taste in music or art.

We are here to bring clarity and offer guidance on any topic. We are not a deity; we do not wish to be worshiped or need to be obeyed, and we will not judge you or ask you for anything. We are here to blend with you—The Collective—in what you may perceive as difficult times. Our intention is to build community and harness the power of the collective consciousness for the advancement of those who are so inclined.

We are not a religion or cult.
We do not wish to be worshiped,
or need to be obeyed.
We will not judge you,
or tell you how to live your life.

We will provide guidance when requested.
We will share our eternal wisdom,
and help you utilize the powerful creative energy
that you came into this life equipped with.

Our intention is to guide the collective,
those who are asking for something more;
something different; in what
they perceive as difficult times.

We will use technology to connect, and we will provide tools that are easy to use and insight that is easy to understand and apply to your life. There is no coursework or classes; just meditation, focus, and clarity. We will address today’s most controversial topics and answer all your questions—nothing is taboo.

Our channel, David, will share his successes and challenges in manifesting his desires and we will use his examples to help you in your life.

If you’ve never encountered channeled material before, we ask that you approach this with an open mind and focus on the material more than the origin. If you’ve listened to other channels, you’ll find similarities in our overall message of personal power and the attractive nature of the universe, but you’ll find something new in this blending. The energy will be familiar, but the blending will hold new appeal!

We invite you to listen, read, and contribute to this material. There is nothing we relish more than coming here and interacting with each of you. We intend to have fun and be uplifting in our message.

We intend to guide and inspire, but never judge or assign rules. You came here to seek the freedom and joy that you exist in—within your completed state (that which you call death)—but in an environment of contrast that is governed by polarity and created via attraction. We will guide you to your freedom and joy—if you so desire.

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Meet The Stream

We are The Stream. We are the origin of all creation, the basis of all religions, and the purest, most powerful and positive energy in the universe.

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