Meet David

Channeling is not some weird, out-of-the-mainstream thing that many believe it to be. Everyone is actually a channel because everyone has their own Stream of Source energy flowing to them at all times and have access to the eternal knowledge of Source. Many turn the volume down on this Stream by ignoring it—allowing external information and the need to be “rational”, “sane”, or “normal” to drown out their connection.

You also lose access to your Stream when you are in a negative mindset. Your Stream is pure, positive energy, so when you are thinking negatively you are not vibrationally matched to them, and therefore do not have access to them. For the purpose of our work, when I refer to channeling I am speaking of the art of receiving downloads of spiritual guidance and communicating it via speech or writing for others.

“Like many who channel, I fell into this by chance—it found me. I was not looking to be a spiritual guru or motivational speaker.”

I was in a lucrative corporate job, moving through life acquiring things, paying bills, and trying to work in a little fun wherever I could.

Once I started receiving The Stream’s communication, I found amazing clarity on every topic; the world made sense to me like never before. I now feel that I understand everything and everyone, even those considered to be the worst in our society—it’s truly incredible!

When we began communicating in a way in which I could ask questions and get clear answers, one of the first questions I asked The Stream was, “Why does the world need another channel? Is there anything left to say about the laws of the universe?”

They responded that the vast majority do not know these things—that many are slaves to the constant flow of information from media, opinions of their community leaders, and family traditions. They shared that like with any media or product, channeled material is developed by people—meaning there is a blending between the channel and source energy to produce communication that other humans can comprehend. This blending produces a “flavor” or brand to the material, and one brand does not appeal to all, thus the need for multiple channels.

My story

I. Childhood

I recall believing—in 1982, at the age of 14—that I had invented what I now know as the Law of Attraction. My parents had divorced when I was six and I was living in a small town in Louisiana with my mother and older brother. We were quite poor, yet our extended family and even our father (thanks to our stepmother’s money), were well-off.

This made our childhood difficult. We were eating cans of beans for dinner and constantly being told “we can’t afford that”, while our half-sister and cousins got the best toys, trips, clothes, and even drove brand-new cars in our teen years.

I remember telling my older brother that we should start acting and thinking like we had all the things they had and that if we did, those things would then come to us. He looked at me like I was insane. I was always the weird one with crazy ideas in our household.

I had no idea where this notion came from, but I ran with it. By the time I was in high school I was wearing the nicest clothes and driving a brand-new car while living in a household with an income of less than $10,000 a year!

My first awareness of my ability to communicate beyond our realm came when I was six. We’d just moved to Louisiana following my parent’s split, and my mother was in a very dark place; a place she never managed to escape from for the remaining years of her life.

Since she had no money for an after-school sitter, my grandfather agreed to watch my brother and I after school. He was fun and easy-going and provided relief from our mother’s rants against our father, who had left her for another woman.

During the first year of our new life, my grandfather passed away suddenly from an undetected illness. Obviously, I was devastated; losing my grandfather after having lost my father, my home, and even my pets due to the divorce.

Before his death, my grandfather drove a light blue 1967 Chevy Impala sedan. I remember—quite vividly to this day—a few days after he died, playing in the parking lot of our apartment complex. I was making my way home when I rounded a corner and saw him standing next to his Chevy, looking right at me.

I had seen “things” prior to that, usually coming out of deep sleep—but I always assumed they were dreams.

his was in full daylight and it lasted more than a moment. Then he and the car just vanished; like a switch had been flipped.

I know there are countless stories like this from many others, and I have several more as well, but that experience set me off on a decades-long search for answers regarding the spiritual world.

I grew up Christian, where we were taught to ignore these things. In my twenties, I declared myself an atheist out of frustration with organized religion and how they judged me as a gay man. That phase was short-lived and I soon became obsessed with psychics and making contact with the “other side.”

I visited a handful of psychics, spiritual mediums, tarot card readers, and even attended a séance. I once had a reading at a restaurant called R Thomas in Atlanta, Georgia. The psychic was quite accurate on a number of topics and I recall him telling me that I could do my own reading if I just tried. I thought that was funny and I shrugged it off.

II. Enlightenment

A few years later, I was living in Orlando, Florida, and a coworker told me about a nearby spiritual encampment called Cassadaga, and a wonderful medium named Hazel Burley. I called Hazel and discovered she was booked out for several weeks, but I made an appointment and waited.

During my waiting period, I had a recurring dream I’d had a few times over the years prior. I would walk around the curve of a quiet country road beside a small pond, and an old church would come into view. Sometimes there were cars parked around and sometimes not, but there were never any other people. This is as far as the dream went, but I had it over and over again and I remembered it vividly, which is rare for me, so I assumed it had meaning.

The day came for my reading and I drove out to Cassadaga. I arrived early so I decided to explore the small village. As I wound around the quiet but very densely built village, I rounded a corner and was shocked to see the road curving around a small pond with the church coming into view—exactly like my dreams. I felt a distinct and peaceful energy that day and understood why this place was special. I proceeded on to Hazel’s little pink house for my reading. Hazel was an older lady with a little, elderly, toy dog named Bilbo Baggins, after the protagonist in The Hobbit.

Hazel’s reading was life-changing for me, so much so that I’ve never felt the need for another mediumship reading.

One of the things we discussed was the success I had had in life by visualizing what I wanted, believing it, and having it materialize.

She told me this was called the Law of Attraction, and that there were books and tapes by a group of channeled entities called Abraham that spoke in detail on the subject. She also told me I had the ability to channel, just like Esther Hicks.

At the time, I was not interested in any of this. My focus was on manifesting material things and exploring spirituality beyond organized religion. I was also turned off by the name Abraham; it sounded biblical, thus Christian in my mind. The idea of me channeling also turned me off. I was fine going to these “weird” people to explore—and essentially prove to myself—an existence beyond our physical realm, but I didn’t want to be one of them!

The following year, The Secret was published and the Law of Attraction was suddenly everywhere. I had been using the techniques I had developed for years at that point and enjoyed the validation of my “invention.”

III. Material Life

By 2010, I was teaching LOA constantly in my business; training commissioned salespeople to visualize themselves as very successful, as I had, and that the dollars would inevitably come as they did for me.

After one of my training sessions, an interior designer who had attended asked me if I’d heard of Abraham-Hicks. I vaguely remembered the name but said I hadn’t studied their teachings. She gave me a set of CD’s: the original Abraham recordings. I wasn’t sure if I would listen or not. On my way home that day, I stopped at a light to turn left into my neighborhood and saw a black Range Rover in front of me with the license plate ABRAHAM. It just so happened that I was wanting a new Range Rover at that time!

I stayed up all night that night listening as Jerry Hicks interviewed Esther as she channeled Abraham. The recordings were amazing—it was like getting the keys to the universe!

By this time, I was in my early forties and I had overcome many things with my ability to focus: dyslexia, lack of formal education, detached parents, family mental illness, chronic pain, failed businesses, bankruptcy, drug addiction, and infidelity in my relationship, just to name a few. I had a great job and was living in a million-dollar home in Bellevue, Washington and driving a new Mercedes. Life was good; materially.

After listening to the Abraham material, I began meditating and had what I call my great awakening—a term Abraham had used in their initial teachings. This occurred within my first few meditations; energy like I’d never felt before rushed through my body. It started at the base of my spine and rushed through the crown of my head, then back down. Every inch of skin on my body tingled and my head rushed. I quickly became addicted to this practice and continue it today.

Abraham gave me added confidence to tackle areas of my life where I had not manifested my desires. I lost 70 pounds, started training with a personal trainer, and lifting weights for the first time in my life. I also ended a long-term relationship that no longer served either of us.

By 45, I was fit, making great money, and outwardly happy. I was in love with an adorable, much younger guy who was the complete opposite of my ex, and I had all the material things I could wish for. But my meditations and the trial and error of moving on from a job I no longer loved led me to the realization that I was living a lie.

You see, I was not the polished, corporate executive I was pretending to be. I actually had a very deep spiritual side that I was not allowing because I didn’t want to be “one of those weird people” who dressed in hemp and wore Birkenstocks, smelled like patchouli, and had crystals all over their small, unassuming homes. I loved German cars, French food, and Italian loafers; and I disliked new age music and felt out of place in metaphysical bookstores. How could I be spiritual?

I had stereotyped the spiritual community and believed I had to follow a corporate path—one that I loathed—to have the material life I wanted. And here I was preaching the Abraham mantra that you could be or do or have whatever you wanted!

IV. The Stream Calls

Between 2010 and 2014, my meditations continued to intensify. In 2014, I realized I was receiving very powerful energy and downloads of detailed information on a multitude of topics that would drop into my mind from nowhere. I began mumbling to myself under my breath as these thoughts exploded in my head. My boyfriend even caught me a few times, asking “What are you saying?” I’m sure he thought I was going insane!

I also developed this thing I refer to as “a catch in my throat”—this little cough under my breath. In my deeper meditations, I started allowing this energy in—it entered through my left jaw into the left side of my throat. At first, it felt like I was vomiting from my throat. Then, very odd sounds came out that sounded like something from a horror movie, though it wasn’t frightening. I realized that this energy flow was trying to speak!

Between 2014 and 2016, I allowed this speech to fully manifest. At first, they said “David! David!” like they were trying to get my attention. They got it alright!

Once they could form a sentence, they struggled to say: “We are here” and that they wanted to speak to what they called “the collective.” I surmised from our “conversations” that this was their name for those who were asking for connection. 

These few full sentences actually took place over several days with trial and error. After each session, I was exhausted and could hardly speak. The sessions seemed like dreams as I forgot much of the information afterward. I began taping the sessions and continued to work on my voice by slowing down and relaxing. If I try to speak at the same pace as the information flows, I end up speaking way too fast for anyone listening to comprehend.

Today I can get “into the stream” quickly and speak clearly, in a voice much like my regular voice, though at a slower pace. I call Esther Hicks the Beyoncé of channeling because she can stand on stage for hours and converse on any topic while channeling Abraham the way Beyoncé sings live, dances, and commands a massive stadium for hours— barely taking a break.

I’ve now had many conversations with what I call “The Stream” and I’ve discovered they have a very clear, simplified answer to any question. They provide answers that are easy to understand and guidance that anyone can follow with success if they are so inclined.

I believe The Stream and I chose each other; borne from my desire to help others achieve their dreams and live happier lives and my ability to break complex, “otherworldly” ideas into simple explanations that will appeal to many—but certainly not all.

Our intention is not to regurgitate the ‘Abraham material’—there is plenty of that readily available and I highly recommend it. Our intention is to offer a different “flavor” of Source’s perspective to reach a new audience and to offer the next phase for those who’ve enjoyed the teachings of Abraham—or Theo, or Seth—or the many others who have come before.

Our universe is ever-expanding and new thought consciousness is constantly being created. We will interact differently and use new tools and methods. We will build an interactive online community and offer answers, guidance, and positive thought; a far better use for all this technology than a fear-inducing newsfeed or mindless “social” chatter—in my opinion.

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