Ep4 Why We’re Here – The Stream of David

A few months ago, Elon Musk, Founder and CEO of Tesla, among other things, said: “There’s a billion to one chance we’re living in base reality.”  This is interesting coming from an alleged atheist, but I believe his point is that since we’re so close to developing our own simulated reality, who’s to say that we’re not existing in someone else’s.

I’ve had “conversations” with The Stream regarding this and their perspective is that he’s right and wrong.  I will tell you that the only question I’ve ever asked The Stream and did not receive a clear, simple answer was: “Does source have a source?” Their response was that they are the source of all creation; that’s not exactly a “No.”  Their guidance always leads us to focusing on our earthly existence and that our work is to be free, experience joy and to place obstacles in our path for the joy of overcoming them.  They are not discouraging of our exploring things beyond our planet at all, but caution on attempting to figure out the universe before we’ve mastered our own creative abilities here on earth.  They’ve said that science is nothing more than man’s attempt to prove or disprove what we call the spiritual realm.

I found the information they shared in this episode to be very enlightening.  They explain our true purpose here on earth and how it powers the expansion of the universe.  They also give their perspective on why we need some negativity to power positive creation, and that this exists on all planes and should not be feared, only managed.  I hope you enjoy!