The Reset is here 
Spring is coming

How are you getting ready?


What we as humanity are experiencing now is a correction, an opportunity to reset. Our collective consciousness has set an intention towards change: to treat our planet better, to be kinder to one another, and to focus on freedom and joy!

To some it may seem scary, but those vibrationally aligned see it is an opportunity to reset the world, our societies, and ourselves — for the better. If you are hesitant, if you are down your spiral and experiencing obstacle after obstacle, I encourage you to zoom out and elevate to Source’s perspective.

You all have access to this high perspective, and seeing through the eyes of Source will open your mind to the super high vibration energy of Source. Physical life is meant to be challenging, it is meant to cause pain some times and pleasure other times. Your intention in projecting into physical was to find your path to freedom and joy through the contrast of your obstacles.

Remember, this reset was crafted by human beings for human beings as an opportunity for renewal — it is an exhilarating time, and I encourage you to navigate this reset with eager anticipation and trust! Trust in the universe to provide an amazing and magical journey for you. 

We have the power to learn from this correction, and I hope you are. Lockdown restrictions have been in place for some time, the world is beginning to show signs of recovery, so I ask you — how are you using this time?

Where you go from here is up to you, an opportunity to reshape your future has been presented to you — what does it look like? 

Spring is coming, meaning we are about to move into a period of great change after we emerge out the other side of this reset. Our time now should be characterised by self-love, self-development, and renewal — we may not see an opportunity like this for generations, so we need to use it wisely. How are you getting ready for spring?

Lead the reset by resetting your own lives, foster growth and renewal by reflecting inwards, and trust the universe to delight you with an unfolding that will be beyond your wildest dreams.

Praise for The Stream

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    Ondine Carrington


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    Nam “Luq” Azatrum

    Ohio, USA

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    Hollie Sparkles

    Sydney, Australia

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    Christina Kairis

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    Qat Wanders

    Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

  • Upon graduating from the course and firmly utilizing the TYA practice on a daily level, I now have a thriving Acupuncture practice, top level health with no constriction in my knee, zero financial stress, and an opportunity to travel to Europe to pitch my idea to an animation studio literally dropped into my lap!

    Kimberly Gitzel

    Hilo, Hawaii, USA

  • Tya Bootcamp and the Tya Spiritual Practice gave me the tools and the confidence to manifest the life of my dreams! I was in a relationship that was on pause when I entered bootcamp and was able to move forward in a very confident, healthy way after bootcamp, now we’re engaged!

    Stacie Clanet

    Santa Barbara, CA, USA

  • I entered Tya Bootcamp with a massive cancerous tumor, there were times that I didn’t want to go on. After joining Tya Bootcamp I experienced miraculous healing that my team of doctors cannot explain. I am cancer free and feel worthy of life and full abundance now, for the first time ever!

    Tammy Cheney

    Tampa Florida, USA


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