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Ep. 231 Crossing Over with Andrea St. Amand

David is joined by psychic medium Andrea St. Amand in a discussion about connecting with crossed-over loved ones. How we contact them and what they offer us after they’ve transitioned. She also shares about her upcoming Halloween séance!  Learn more about Andrea and...

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Ep. 230 What is Lurking in Your Vibrational Basement?

Join David in an exploration of your vibrational basement! David shares how to identify and detune hidden transgressors in your “vibrational basement.”  These things trigger you and drag your general vibration down, holding you away from joy, clarity, and abundance....

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Ep 226 Manifesting Wellness with Cortney Ostrosky

Joy, clarity, & abundance in the body! David is joined by Cortney Ostrosky, host of The Unique Way Podcast in a deep dive into the wellness mindset. Listen to the end for an interesting discussion on cancel culture and its impact on the collective well-being of...

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