The Stream Of David


Ep. 242  Navigating Grief and Finding Divinity in Tragedy

Join David and fellow Tya Geek, Matt Gardan, as they delve into a profound personal journey of coping with the brutal murder of a friend.  Despite the horror of the situation, David shares his experience of finding divinity and appreciation in the midst of tragedy....

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Ep. 238 David and Qatarina Tell All (About the book!)

Embark on a captivating conversation with David and Qatarina as they delve into the world of Tya. Join their engaging discussion on the book, their collaborative work, and Qatarina's insightful "elevator pitch" about the Tya Practice. Experience the joy and excitement...

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Ep. 237 The Process of Manifesting Your Dream Life

Embark on a transformative journey as Matt Garden joins David and the Stream for a compelling discussion on manifesting your dream life. Uncover actionable tips from two manifesting powerhouses, while the Stream delivers a profound message that resonates with the...

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Ep 235 2024: A View from “Above”

The Stream shares their perspective on the evolution of humanity and how to be at the forefront of thought in 2024 and beyond.  Get your copy of our book: The Tya Practice  Order Here      

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Ep. 234 The Stream is Back!

After taking a break from channeling for a year, David allows the Stream to flow again. The Stream shares a powerful new message along with a brief timeline and explanation of how David’s channeling has evolved and will continue to flow for all who are aligned....

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