Ep 198 Living Among “Difficult” People

#198     Living Among “Difficult” People Do you find friends, family, and coworkers difficult at times? As much as we focus on positive outcomes, we often find ourselves around the “realists” of the world, or perhaps, even a pessimist or two, constantly complaining...

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Episode #197 David is joined by Tya Masters Stacie Clenet & Kerry King in a time-relevant discussion about questioning beliefs. As the matrix attempts to draw us into a fearful reality with more dire news each day, it’s easy to question if a conscious creation...

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Ep 193 – Evidential Psychic Medium Andrea St. Amand

Andrea joins David and talks with the Stream about humanity's ascension through the pandemic and why the world seems different now. She also shares her unique experience as a medium when she meets with the Stream. Join The Stream of David Community & Support the...

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Ep 192 – Are We Rewarded for Our Service to Others?

Special Guest Julie Mallari joins David in the studio in a deep discussion with the Stream on the power (or lack of) in our service to others. They also discuss our need for validation from others and the value of our unwanted manifestations, and how to realize that...

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Ep 190 – The Value of Fear with Andrea St. Amand

We speak often of “detuning” fear. But we do still experience fear and it can be useful in positive creation. David is joined by evidential psychic medium Andrea St. Amand and they explore the positive aspects of fear and how to use it. They each share personal...

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