Ep 204 The Magic of Appreciation with guest Kate Trotter

David is joined by Tya Bootcamp grad Kate Benson for an update on her practice over a year after graduation. Kate shares how applying appreciation has changed her life, including improving her parenting. Join The Stream of David Community & Support the Stream’s...

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Ep 203 Recovering From The Matrix with guest Stacie Clenet

David is joined by Tya Lead Coach Stacie Clenet for an update on their journey out of the matrix, into the wilderness, and what they discovered along the way. Tune in to hear tips and tools on how to live your best life out of the matrix!  Join The Stream of David...

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Ep 202 Deep Clarity with David Roode

David and the Stream are joined by musician and recent Tya Bootcamp grad David Roode. David always has awesome questions for the Stream and was blown away by what they shared in this episode. Listen and learn more about operating your life completely outside the...

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Ep 199 Never Be Triggered Again (How to)

What if a trigger warning is not a warning, but an invitation? Special guests Wendy Prystenski and Nicole Henry join David and the Stream for a deep discussion on current events that trigger many. Learn how triggers are developed in us and what we can do to find...

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Ep 198 Living Among “Difficult” People

#198     Living Among “Difficult” People Do you find friends, family, and coworkers difficult at times? As much as we focus on positive outcomes, we often find ourselves around the “realists” of the world, or perhaps, even a pessimist or two, constantly complaining...

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Episode #197 David is joined by Tya Masters Stacie Clenet & Kerry King in a time-relevant discussion about questioning beliefs. As the matrix attempts to draw us into a fearful reality with more dire news each day, it’s easy to question if a conscious creation...

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