Ep 215 David’s Back! with guest Matt Gardan

In our first episode of 2023 David shares about the fire at his home and the events following that. He describes the experience through the eyes of Source—how things labeled tragic or plain old bad luck can be experienced very differently and how this led to a...

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Ep 214 Stepping into Your Future Self with Matt Gardan

Join David and his guest Matt Gardan, a Tya Master in this inspirational discussion on how to step into your future yourself. Matt and David share practical tips on how anyone can create the future self they desire. Stream of David Community & Support the Stream’s...

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Ep 212 Guest Walt Thiessen Host of LOA Today

Join David and special guest, Walt Thiessen, Host of LOA Today.  Walt asks amazing questions of The Stream about the concept of authentic joy, and their discussion brings to light new information and guidance!  Stream of David Community & Support the Stream’s...

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Ep 210 Secrets to a Joyful Life with Guest Brent Howell

Joy Creates Abundance! Tya Practitioner Brent Howell joins David as they share secrets to allow authentic joy to become your new way of life. The Stream of David Community & Support the Stream’s Message for Humanity!  Stream of David – Patreon Tya Bootcamp is now...

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Ep 209 Magical Manifestations with Matt Gardan

David is once again joined by Tya Master Matt Gardan and a discussion about magical manifestations. David shares how magic shows up in his daily life and how daily magic leads to the manifestation of all desires. Matt shares his, as well as tips on allowing more magic...

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