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Ep 223 Detuning Your Addiction to Fear

We’re all indoctrinated into some level of fear and we develop an addiction via our experiences and time in the matrix itself. Listen and learn how to detune your fear addiction, including new skills that you can begin using right away.  Join The Stream of David...

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Ep 222 Should We Build a Stream/Tya Community?

David shares his thoughts on the value of community within the Stream/Tya community as well as some very exciting news! Join The Stream of David Community & Support the Stream’s Message for Humanity!   Stream of David – Patreon Tya Bootcamp is now The Tya...

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Ep 221 Moving Beyond The Politics of FEAR

We all know fear sells, but why does it seem that more and more fear is woven into the political landscape? How do you avoid being drawn into a fearful narrative?  And do you even need to? Learn how to play in the matrix without being drawn into it. Be a master of the...

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Ep 220 We Are AI (and how to program your reality)

We’re hearing a lot of talk about AI–Artificial Intelligence–and how it will take over humanity. It will impact most every aspect of your life soon and is already more integrated into society than you perhaps realize.  In this episode, David (and the Stream) explore...

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