David Strickel channels Source consciousness Known as the stream

With a strong connection to what he refers to as Source––the Source of all creation––David Strickel began sharing the wisdom found in this connection in 2017 via his hit podcast The Stream of David. Since then, he has gone on to teach the powerful and transformative mindset practice he developed to deepen this connection to others since 2018 in his popular Tya Bootcamp transformation program.

  • With hundreds of graduates and thousands of practitioners all over the world, David refers to them as Tyists, he is now presenting this material to the world via his second book, along with his writing partner and fellow Tya Master, Qatarina Wanders.
  • In The Tya Practice, you will gain a clear and deep understanding of the universal process of creation, the purpose of life, and how you can transform your life to one of joy, clarity, and abundance with a powerful and profound set of tools that you’ll use for the rest of your life.

The TYA practice is the practical application of the Stream’s teachings.

Tya is void of all rules and human-created concepts of worship and obedience. Tya is a modern practice, delivered from Source via David Strickel to usher humanity into an exciting new era of expansion of consciousness, exiting the useful, but now obsolete, constraints of the human-created matrix, a collective mindset that runs largely on fear and judgment.

As humanity creates technology so close to the technology that creates us, it is easy to see these as confusing times. Hyper polarity and seemingly endless signs indicate that our world may be coming to an end. But this is just the beginning, as we learn to allow technology to serve us and, one by one, detune things like fear and judgment and heal the traumas and limiting beliefs that hold us back.

Many spiritual teachers have spoken of this, but none as deeply or profoundly as you’ll find in The Tya Practice. You’ll be transformed to step into the true being of light—of Source—that you are. Letting go of all the matrix teachings in deep gratitude for how they served both your expansion and harmony.

Prepare for a life-changing journey like no other!


David shares his life’s journey of 
trial & error with the universal laws

The Stream will use his life as an example to explain every aspect of existence here on earth and beyond with 23 core messages that answer many of humanity’s questions.

  • The Stream will share the true nature of the universe, and that the Law of Attraction is only part of the story.
  • You will come to understand that while it is true that LOA is constant, and that all of creation is constantly attracting based on energy, also known as vibration, what many teachers are missing is that vibration is continuously impacted by polarity.
  • The polarity of the universe is constantly drawing your vibration between positive and negative, up and down a virtual vibrational spiral. This spiral is perfect by design, for you came to this life intending to manifest both positive experiences to enjoy, and negative obstacles to overcome.

The Stream ushers in a new era of leading-edge thought and provides a new perspective on the positive and negative cycle that governs universal creation and brings life’s most challenging issues into focus.

For most of Earth’s history, humanity’s obstacles involved basic survival while their joy came from their freedom and the natural prosperity of Earth’s bounty. As humans, we possess a unique ability to project thought and create beyond instinct and evolution that has allowed us to move past basic survival to lives of comfort and safety. But we soon found ways to covet these manifestations, which created an entirely new set of obstacles that continue to plague our society. These are examples of the eternal cycle of positive and negative that ultimately drive the expansion of the universe.

If you are willing to open your mind and expand your focus to the highest vibration, you will come to understand all the events—both desired and not—of your world. You will learn to embrace life’s challenges and overcome them in joy.

This book will also provide guidance—without judgement—on how to live the life of freedom and joy that you came intending to live. It will provide guidance on projecting your consciousness to manifest anything that you desire. Nothing within your evolutionary cycle is out of reach, but you must understand the true nature of manifesting intentionally and of your obstacles. As The Stream says, “Your attractors are never broken, they merely need a tune-up” and they are here to provide just that.

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