StreamScapes™ guided meditation experiences offers a unique guided meditation with the spoken word of Source channeled by David Strickel from The Stream of David podcast blended with original music by Christo Pellani.
Christo’s music alone will take you on an ethereal journey but combined with the eternal wisdom of Source, StreamScapes offers a truly unique meditative experience that can be enjoyed by both beginners and veterans at meditating. 
  • Try Deep Relax for stress relief, Quick Clear for an easy, five-minute meditative break any time during the day. Source Connect takes you on a cosmic journey as you ascend to the highest vibration.
  • You’ll also receive regular updates of StreamScapes™, our unique blending of the Stream’s commentary, by topic, from The Stream of David podcasts, mixed with relaxing music for a unique meditative experience.

The monthly subscription offers both guided meditations and the Stream’s eternal wisdom shared with beautiful all-acoustic music to connect you directly with Source. New updates are added regularly to keep your meditation fresh.

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