Ep6 Financial Abundance – The Stream of David

Connecting with your stream, source, higher power, god, or whatever you call your spiritual connection, holds different meanings for different people.  For some, the topic of money is a low priority while others focus on “using the law of attraction” to attract wealth.  Regardless of why you seek connection with your stream, a flow of financial abundance is certainly desirable by most, even if it’s just to meet your basic needs and allow the freedom we all desire.

Since there is so much information our there regarding the attraction of money, I set the intention for The Stream to focus on shifting our beliefs so the money we’re wishing to manifest can flow easily.  In this episode, The Stream shares their perspective on the topic as well as simple techniques to allow money to flow to you.

I share my early experiences manifesting money from “magical” sources.  I also share my opinion and experience with the use of pendulums to test beliefs. I hope you enjoy!