Ep10 Astrology and Setting Intentions – The Stream of David

In this episode, The Stream shares their perspective on Astrology, which led to them sharing their perspective and guidance on setting intentions.  Two different topics but they merge the two and it will make sense when you listen.

Please listen and feel free to share your thoughts on the topic and their guidance, or ask additional questions, on our blog at TheStreamOfDavid.com You may also email me directly at the address below.

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P.S. In this episode, The Stream references BiPolar Disorder. We understand that many are diagnosed and suffering from this, here is our response to one of our listeners who asked for further clarity:

We’ve always suggested that any condition that is advanced should be dealt with from your place of clarity. If you are far down the path and cannot find that place and you feel you need professional assistance, then that is the best course of action. Our point was that everyone suffers from this to a degree because polarity is in play at all times.  Every living being will encounter unwanted circumstances and all have the ability to reverse them, but momentum has a great impact and you have to back your way out sometimes by any means available to you. We hope the fact that polarity affects all living things brings you some comfort, and that you can bring yourself to truly believe that you can gain control of your spiral and see improvement. Belief in all situations has great impact.