Ep5 Addictions – The Stream of David

As a former OxyContin addict, I wanted to share my experience overcoming my addiction and allow the stream to share their valuable perspective.  Their advice for overcoming addiciton includes a key component of how I overcame mine, by eliminating triggers and taking full responsibility for becoming addicted.  I’ve heard many an addict say they inherited the affliction from a relative or that they have a disease.  These are soothing words but ultimately they give the reponsbility, and therefore the power,
to overcome an addiction to someone else.

As you get to know The Stream, you will find they consitantly guide you to using your personal power.  You do this by taking full responsibility for everything that happens to you.  This is a tough transition for some who have bought into our popular culture, where you are often encouraged to be a victim.  Being a victim goes against the universal law of attraction, as you are constantly attracting everything in your life to you via your projected thought.  Releasing your need to blame others and understanding that you placed all your life’s obstacles in your own path is the most freeing thing you will encounter.

I hope those who are dealing with or impacted by addiction gain clarity by listening to this episode.

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