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Creating Your Bubble of Reality with Kerry King

David is joined by Tya Master Kerry King and they unpack the most recent Stream Summit on creating your bubble of reality. They will review the Stream’s guidance on navigating politics, creating a wealth vibration, being a positive influence on loved ones and more. If...

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Title: Trusting Your Abundance with Qat Wanders

David is joined by author, editor and TYA Master Qat Wanders. David and Qat discuss the TYA Practice as well as David’s first and forthcoming books. Learn the latest law of attraction hacks to bring more joy, clarity and abundance into your life.

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Law of Attraction Hacks: Manifesting What Matters Most

David is joined by Matt Gardan and they explore mastering vibrational flow and how it impacts manifesting the things you desire most. The Stream shares guidance on how your subconscious mind, and thus your default vibration, can be changed once you understand...

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From Homeless to Independence with the TYA Practice

David is joined by Nicole Henry, who went from being a homeless single mother to complete independence, living in her own place at the beach with her daughter. Nicole will share how she used the tools she learned in David’s TYA Bootcamp to completely change her life....

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Awakening to Abundance with Dan Mangena

David is joined by Bestselling Author Dan Mangena. David and Dan will discuss secrets to manifesting wealth and mastering the abundance mindset within an awakening process. Abundance and spirituality do mix! Learn more about Dan by visiting

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Conscious Recovery with TJ Woodward

TJ is a revolutionary recovery specialist, bestselling author, speaker and treatment consultant.  He is the author of the books Conscious Being: Awakening to your True Nature and Conscious Recovery: A Fresh Perspective on Addiction. TJ is also the creator of The...

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The Awakening Diet 

David is joined by TYA Coach and TYA Master Stacie Naglestad in a discussion about the impact of diet on the awakening process.

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