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The Stream's Guided Meditations:
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The purpose of meditation is to calm your mind and allow your natural Source connection to flow. Your Source connection is one of pure love and eternal wisdom; it is your intuition and a source of joy that relaxes your body and your entire being. There is nothing more important than allowing this connection to become your everyday state of being.

Since all creation begins as thought, imagination is the spark of all expansion. The Complete Bundle of The Stream’s guided meditations takes you on a magical journey out of your current earthly being and connects you directly with your higher self—the eternal version of you. View your life and your world from the highest perspective and gain a clear understanding of how you can be, do, or have anything you desire.

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The Collection

Out of the matrix

The matrix is the ego-centered collective conscientiousness of humanity. It serves to separate humanity from the divine and deliver a challenging physical experience.

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Seeing through the eyes of source

Source connect will transform how you view life and its obstacles and erase years of abundance blocks in your elevated state of true belief. It’s a magical journey not to be missed!

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Money Mindset

Money Mindset will position your vibration to welcome positive money and wealth manifestations into your life, while also soothing any disconnection to Source you may be experiencing that halts your money manifestations.

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Quick Clearing

In Quick Clearing, The Stream will guide you up your spiral from a point of neutrality they help you reach.

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The Vault

The Vault helps you structure the foundation of your vibrational bank vault manifestation. The Stream takes you on a journey to your vault and reveals the bounty of wealth that is available to you once your imagination, energy, and essence is in vibrational alignment with the flow of wealth.

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Improved bodily Conditions

Connect to The Stream’s energy via Improved Bodily Conditions and begin making these improvements. Hold yourself in this Improved Bodily Conditions vibration habitually, regardless of your current conditions, and watch your body transform.

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Deep relax

Deep relax promotes the vibration which allows your mind, soul, and body to relax.

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