Ep54 Has Spirituality Become Religion? – The Stream of David

When you hear the term “Spirituality” many think of “New Age” or perhaps the opposite of religion. Mainstream religions often have rules and a deity that is worshipped and obeyed whereas in new age spirituality, non-physical consciousness is often considered a loving, positive and non-judgmental entity that is not separate from humanity. Of course there are numerous branches of both religions and spirituality with multiple variations. In this episode, I explore the idea that new age spirituality has become splintered, and in some cases, too complex. There are modalities with rigorous rules and followers who are often quick to point out that deviation from the guru’s oration is forbidden. So, has spirituality morphed into just another brand of religion? Is it time for something else, something simple, with no rules or dogma, no guru or deity? We explore this in this departure from our usual format. Let me know your thoughts!