Ep 112 Global Reset with Gary Temple Bodley

David is joined by fellow channel Gary Temple Bodley for a deep dive into the current global reset. Listen to two channels and spiritual thought leaders discuss what’s occurring across humanity and where we will go from here. Learn leading-edge law of attraction and spiritual ideas and hear how they are using Source perspective to navigate this profound moment with ease and eager anticipation for what the universe has in store for planet Earth.

In the fall of 2013, Gary Temple Bodley began channeling a group of nonphysical teachers known as Joshua. Soon thereafter, Joshua asked Gary to start writing. Starting on November 15th, 2013, he wrote for one hour each day openly interpreting the message that Joshua was sending him. In eight weeks Joshua’s first book “A Perception Of Realty” was completed.
Since then, Joshua has written 4 more books, answered hundreds of questions from people all over the world, and has written dozens of articles appearing in many blogs and publications such as The Law of Attraction Magazine. Gary hosts two popular podcasts; The Law of Attraction Roundtable and Joshua Live. Gary holds in-person events several times per year as well as retreats at his home in North Carolina.
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