Our virtual summits saw many individual awakening journeys converge, creating an air of unbridled, joyous high vibration—or supervibes. The Stream’s insightful guidance ushered in moments of extreme clarity on all topics of love, finance, fear, and more, pushing the awakenings of our audience members’ to new heights!

After the amazing successes of The Stream’s Live Summits, hosted virtually over 2020, we are excited to welcome you to our first ever in-person Ascension event!
Details below.



In our first ever Ascension event, feel the difference of Tya—the new operating system for all of humanity who are ready. Are you one? One who is ready to welcome abundance, clarity, and joy—all of which are your birthright—into your life? 

In this intimate face-to-face workshop, no questions are off limits—providing you with the rare opportunity to ask Source for the guidance you seek the most, all while contributing to the collective conscious healing of those besides you. 

Revel in the high vibration of the Stream while making your way through the deep and meaningful, soul-searching work that will provide you with tools to free yourself from your abundance blocks and re-energize your awakening journey. 

Get the steps to move forward, fearlessly, in your life now! Tya is a new way of being and connecting to Source daily. It is the true secret to lifelong abundance, and the awakening opportunity is yours to manifest.

Peace, joy, abundance—this is your natural state! Is it time you finally got back to it? 

Our first Ascension will be held in Los Angeles, at the Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel, on January 15th from 10am - 5pm. For tickets and further details, see the 'Buy Tickets' button


To address the needs of collective consciousness, every three months we host a free, live masterclass to welcome those new to the Stream's teachings. 

In these masterclasses, spend nearly two hours with David, and a select few Tya Masters, deep-diving into the magical detuning and other transformative tools of the Tya Practice! We promise this will be a profound moment in your awakening journey.

It’s time for you to take action, and transmutate those old, limiting beliefs that keep you trapped in unwanted cycles into empowering life events! Move on from old wounds. Move on from fear. Focus instead of welcoming healing and abundance. 

To find out when our next free masterclass is, please check the schedule below. As soon as our newest masterclass has been announced, a button to secure your seat will appear. In the meantime, please take our free, on-demand masterclass!


The on-demand Source guidance crash course to living a life of abundance!

In these supervibe 'The Stream Summit' replays, welcome joy and clarity as the Stream offers guidance to help you to navigate these trying and disruptive times—including healing, relationships, Source connection, and financial abundance. 

Forever accessible, these modules are for you to enjoy, watch, and re-watch. With interactive modules, learn alongside your peers and gain clarity on your path to abundance in your own time and at your own leisurely pace.  



In our first ever Ascension event, feel the difference of Tya—the new operating system for all of humanity who are ready. Are you one?








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