Ep. 239 Who Was Jesus Christ Really? An examination of religion by the Stream & Rev. Denise Roberge

Uncover the mysteries surrounding Jesus Christ in this thought-provoking podcast episode with David Strickel and Rev. Denise Roberge. Delve into questions about Jesus’ existence, the authenticity of his teachings, and the profound impact on your perception of religion. Prepare to be intrigued, enlightened, and potentially transformed as this discussion challenges preconceptions and invites a fresh perspective on Jesus and spirituality. Explore the depths of faith in a conversation that could reshape your understanding of religion. #JesusChrist #Spirituality #ReligiousInsights #PodcastDiscussion #ManifestingDreams #EmpowermentPodcast #ManifestationTips #StreamOfDavid

Rev. Denise Roberge website: onemindspiritualservices.com 

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