Ep 190 – The Value of Fear with Andrea St. Amand

We speak often of “detuning” fear. But we do still experience fear and it can be useful in positive creation. David is joined by evidential psychic medium Andrea St. Amand and they explore the positive aspects of fear and how to use it. They each share personal stories of being in vibrational “wilderness” and how that period of “darkness” gave way to massive up-levels in their lives. Listen and gain new insight and techniques. 

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Andrea St. Amand is an evidential psychic medium.  

She offers healing readings that unite clients with their departed loved ones, including pets, and psychic readings that uncover core energetic gifts to realign clients with their truest nature.  

She has been a professional ballerina and a partner in a law firm.  She is passionate and dedicated to connecting people to their own imagination, their sacred souls and to the profound wisdom of the spirit world.  

Find her:
Website:  www.andreasaintamand.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/andreasaintamand
Instagram:  @andrea.st.amand