Ep 107 Deep Soul Healing with Stacie Overman

Stacie Overman is an Angelic Spiritual Channel, author, speaker, personal coach and leading edge spiritual thought leader, guiding lightworkers to overcome obstacles through many avenues of deep soul healing methods. She helps the spiritually awakened future leaders decipher their sole purpose and remove the blocks to their most abundant authentic lives…  so that they can then help others.

Stacie shares the teachings of angels and love with those that are ready to receive. With the help of her host of angels she is profoundly changing the lives of beautiful souls all over the world.

Stacie began experiencing Angels during her battle with breast cancer in 2005.  She shares her insight and teaching through her online 3 month and 12 month high touch personal coaching programs called the New You Mastery, live workshops and at retreats.

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