Ep 113 A Money Conversation with Vanessa Stoykov

This week, David’s guest is Vanessa Stoykov. Vanessa is a money mindset expert Who teaches people how to connect with their own money stories and offers tools and techniques to help them change their financial situation over time. She uses storytelling as an original and creative way to help people understand how money and the mindset we have around it affect our overall wellbeing and happiness. She then offers practical techniques to help change that mindset and start the journey to financial wellbeing.
Vanessa is the founder of media production company evolution media group that collaborates with leading financial corporations from across the globe to create high quality, impactful video storytelling to help people learn more about money.
Vanessa has more than 25 years of experience working with and on behalf of the finance industry. She is based in Sydney Australia, where she lives her husband Paul and their three sons
Visit her website:  VanessaStoykov.com