Allowing vs. Effort

When people learn about the law of attraction, many inevitably become confused about what manifesting actually means. Do you just set your intention, align with your desire and allow it to fall into your lap or is there effort involved? If effort is required, how much? When does your effort overtake your alignment and activate the vibration of not having your desire? It’s easy to see how so many become frustrated with universal laws. All of these questions are answered in this episode!

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1 thought on “Allowing vs. Effort”

  1. Thank you David that was very inspirational. I want to say my life has changed drastically in the year and a half that I’ve been following David and the stream. I have so much more confidence, I’ve learned to trust my abundance, I’ve learned to fight my fears. Iam now up in positive vibration most of time and also know I dont have to be right about anything just follow what feels right to me. And I have learned that I am the creator of my life to allow things to flow to me and just be in the moment. I absolutely love the guided meditations app, it has helped me tremendously. I would encourage everyone to get the app and listen every day. It has enhanced my own meditation abilities and my own connection to my higher self and source. I just can’t thank David enough for using his life to help others it has made me a new person! I have also been inspired to use my life to help others receive this message and also help others connect in whatever way I can. I hope to also inspire others with my healing journey. Thank you David in the stream.

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