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The Tya Practice™ - Divinely Delivered by The Stream of David™

David Strickel channels Source consciousness Known as the stream

The tya practice is the practical application of the stream’s teachings

The Stream of David is pure Source consciousness conveyed by David Strickel. David’s intention is to share this gift while minimizing his ego’s influence, delivering the wisdom to humanity in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner that applies practically in our modern world. The Tya Practice—abbreviated as TYA for “Trust Your Abundance”—serves as the practical application of the Stream’s teachings. Originating from the Stream itself, Tya provides all the tools necessary to systematically elevate your vibration. By doing so, you can access your own version of the Stream, as you too are an expression of Source and possess the universe’s intrinsic knowledge and creative power. As you navigate life using Tya, you will find that it becomes increasingly magical. Your perspectives on all aspects of life will elevate, leading to an ever-expanding experience of joy, clarity, and abundance. Tya is not about rules, worship, or judgment; it is a chosen belief system and mindset practice that allows you to realize your natural state of abundance.

“You’ll be transformed to step into the true being of light—of Source—that you are. Letting go of all the matrix teachings in deep gratitude for how they served both your expansion and harmony.”

About the Stream of David

Who are we?

Living in True Abundance means living a balanced existence where you are connected to your powerful Stream of Source-energy.

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Meet The Stream

We are The Stream. We are the origin of all creation, the basis of all religions, and the purest, most powerful and positive energy in the universe.

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Meet David

Find out more about David Strickel, his background and how he came to be a channel for The Stream.

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Experience the life-changing practice that is TYA by checking out our podcasts. You’ll get a sneak peek into some personal stories from Tyists and how they’ve adapted the practice as a new operating system for their lives to achieve happiness, gain clarity and live a life of abundance.

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