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What is The Stream

I’m David Strickel and I share eternal wisdom from a group of non-physical entities — an energy — that I call the Stream. I have had this ability as long as I can remember and it has guided me through some very rough times, to a life of freedom and joy.

I am the author of the bestselling book The Stream, Eternal Wisdom for a Better Life and I have co-created (with The Stream) a positive mindset practice known as TYA™, which I teach with my TYA™ Bootcamp modules.

All over the world people are learning and mastering TYA™. There is a conscious community built of people who have all been through the TYA™ Bootcamp, and now use this practice daily to improve every aspect of their lives. I also host weekly radio shows and a channeled podcast – The Stream of David.

This book outlines the four secrets to increasing your “default” vibration and connect with your own personal Stream — with Source. This will allow you to see your life, planet Earth, and the entire universe from the highest perspective possible. Mastering these four key components of the TYA™ practice will remove any abundance blocks that you may have.

My intention is to positively change the lives of all who are aligned with The Stream’s message and the TYA™ practice.


  • Upon graduating from the course and firmly utilizing the TYA practice on a daily level, I now have a thriving Acupuncture practice, top level health with no constriction in my knee, zero financial stress, and an opportunity to travel to Europe to pitch my idea to an animation studio literally dropped into my lap!

    Kimberly Gitzel

    Hilo, Hawaii, USA

  • I was in danger of losing my business when I joined Tya Bootcamp. The situation seemed impossible to overcome. Tya Bootcamp gave me the tools to turn things around and now my business is more profitable than ever. Tya Bootcamp saved my business.

    Christina Kairis

    Orlando, Florida, USA

  • Tya Bootcamp and the Tya Spiritual Practice gave me the tools and the confidence to manifest the life of my dreams! I was in a relationship that was on pause when I entered bootcamp and was able to move forward in a very confident, healthy way after bootcamp, now we’re engaged!

    Stacie Clanet

    Santa Barbara, CA, USA

  • I went from crippling, constant fear to being completely free from fear. I also manifested two large sums of money while in Bootcamp. Tya Bootcamp has transformed my life, I am a completely different person.

    Ondine Carrington


  • I entered Tya Bootcamp with a massive cancerous tumor, there were times that I didn’t want to go on. After joining Tya Bootcamp I experienced miraculous healing that my team of doctors cannot explain. I am cancer free and feel worthy of life and full abundance now, for the first time ever!

    Tammy Cheney

    Tampa Florida, USA

  • I went from earning $18k per year to $200K the next year. I also manifested full custody of my daughter, avoiding a huge legal battle that I once thought was inevitable. Tya bootcamp is huge!

    Qat Wanders

    Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

  • Tya Bootcamp gave me the tools to take full control and I’m excited again about the trajectory of my life. If you’re hesitating about joining, just do it, you won’t regret it!

    Hollie Sparkles

    Sydney, Australia

  • I manifested two job promotions with increased income while in bootcamp. I also gained so much clarity on my life purpose and relationships with others. It’s truly an amazing practice that changed my life.

    Nam “Luq” Azatrum

    Ohio, USA

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Who are we?

Living in True Abundance means living a balanced existence where you are connected to your powerful Stream of Source-energy.

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Meet The Stream

We are The Stream. We are the origin of all creation, the basis of all religions, and the purest, most powerful and positive energy in the universe.

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Meet David

Find out more about David Strickle, his background and how he came to be a channel for The Stream.

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Learn about TYA Spiritual Practice and our life-changing bootcamp

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You’ll explore how to deal with the things that are holding you back in your life and also key skills for happiness, clarity and a life of abundance. This daily spiritual practice has the power to completely change your life.

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David shares his life's journey of trial & error with the universal laws

The Stream will use his life as an example to explain every aspect of existence here on earth and beyond with 23 core messages that answer many of humanity's questions.

  • The Stream will share the true nature of the universe, and that the law of attraction is only part of the story.
  • You will come to understand that while it is true that LOA is constant, and that all of creation is constantly attracting based on energy, also known as vibration, what many teachers are missing is that vibration is continuously impacted by polarity.
  • The polarity of the universe is constantly drawing your vibration between positive and negative, up and down a virtual vibrational spiral. This spiral is perfect by design, for you came to this life intending to manifest both positive experiences to enjoy, and
 negative obstacles to overcome.

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