Living in True Abundance means living a balanced existence where you are connected to your powerful Stream of Source-energy and enjoy what this physically manifested life has to offer.

Often, people search for years for a deeper spiritual connection and to find true meaning in their lives. Once they achieve a higher level of consciousness, many feel the need to retreat to an inner world of meditation, where they spend the majority of their time exploring higher consciousness.

While there are no rules from our perspective, we will tell you that you did not come here with an intention to seek out higher knowledge and spend your days in meditation. You came here to have a physically manifested experience. You came to be free, to seek things that please you and allow them to manifest; and to place obstacles in your path for the joy of overcoming them


When you strip away all judgement, doubt and fear, you are left with the clarity of Source, the eternal energy that is the origin of all creation.” ~ The Stream Channeled by David Strickel
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