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What is The Stream? Why are They Flowing Now?

I am David Strickel and I share eternal wisdom from a group of non-physical entities—a conscious energy—that I call The Stream. I have had this ability as long as I can recall and it has guided me through some very rough times, to a life of freedom and joy. I share this now, during this profound moment on planet Earth, to offer the Stream’s eternal wisdom for those who are ready, those who are aligned––or wish to be––with higher vibrational living. Discover a life of joy, clarity and abundance. Enjoy this special time and live the life you came here to experience.

I am the author of the bestselling book The Stream, Eternal Wisdom for a Better Life and I have co-created (with The Stream) a positive mindset practice known as TYA™, which I teach with my TYA™ Bootcamp.

All over the world people are learning and mastering TYA™. There is a conscious community built of people who have all been through the TYA™ Bootcamp and now use this practice daily to improve every aspect of their lives. I also host weekly radio shows and a channeled podcast – The Stream of David.

I also have a free downloadable e-book that outlines the four secrets to increasing your “default” vibration and connecting with your own personal Stream — with Source. This will allow you to see your life, planet Earth, and the entire universe from the highest perspective possible. Mastering these four key components of the TYA™ practice will remove any abundance blocks that you may have.

My intention is to positively change the lives of all who are aligned with The Stream’s message and the TYA™ practice.


Who are we?

Living in True Abundance means living a balanced existence where you are connected to your powerful Stream of Source-energy.

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Meet The Stream

We are The Stream. We are the origin of all creation, the basis of all religions, and the purest, most powerful and positive energy in the universe.

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Meet David

Find out more about David Strickel, his background and how he came to be a channel for The Stream.

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Learn about TYA Spiritual Practice and our life-changing bootcamp

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In TYA Bootcamp, you’ll discover new ways to handle your transgressors— those things holding you back in life— and also the key skills for achieving happiness, gaining clarity, and living a life of abundance. This daily spiritual practice has the power to completely change your life, click below to start your journey today!

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David shares his life's journey of trial & error with the universal laws


The Stream will use his life as an example to explain every aspect of existence here on earth and beyond with 23 core messages that answer many of humanity's questions.

  • The Stream will share the true nature of the universe, and that the Law of Attraction is only part of the story.
  • You will come to understand that while it is true that LOA is constant, and that all of creation is constantly attracting based on energy, also known as vibration, what many teachers are missing is that vibration is continuously impacted by polarity.
  • The polarity of the universe is constantly drawing your vibration between positive and negative, up and down a virtual vibrational spiral. This spiral is perfect by design, for you came to this life intending to manifest both positive experiences to enjoy, and negative obstacles to overcome.

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